Solace and Wisdom

The 2019 Summer Show celebrated students' Art, Design Technology and Media creativity through a range of bold and daring works tackling a range of themes, from critiques of religion and politics to investigations of the ephemeral through a wide variety of mediums including; painting, sculpture, installation, photography and film.

To open this year’s Show, Humphrey Ocean RA gave a candid speech at the Private View on the keystones of being an artist. Stating the importance of art in society, he said “when we seek solace and wisdom it is to art, music and literature that we turn”.

Film Studies students’ work was on display. With a brief to produce a film of between four and five minutes, the students successfully rose to the challenge of engaging and entertaining the spectator. The genres range from thought-provoking meditations on life to an exploration of contemporary creativity. From the loss in the wake of violent crime, to a witty exploration of the hubris suffered by an insufferable lottery winner and from a chance meeting in a supermarket, to a chance visit by a neighbour.

This year’s DT show yet again exhibited an impressively diverse range of working prototypes, designed and fabricated by our pupils. GCSE pupils faced a choice of three design challenges; Meeting the Needs of the Disabled, Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles and Meeting Needs in the Developing World. They excelled themselves in creativity and skills, producing some of the most precisely engineered components and innovative prototypes we have ever seen. Likewise, the A level students excelled themselves. Facing an open brief to explore real-world problems and develop real-world solutions, they approached the task with dedication and maturity, developing products that could easily go into production.

We should not forget the Year 12 pallet challenge, which this year had a shipwreck theme. Students created some innovative designs from a simple wooden delivery pallet and some plastic items – all too often washed up on shorelines – to help them survive a shipwreck.

Well done to all students involved on another outstanding Summer Show.