Strong MUN Contingent from Alleyn's at Epsom

Alleyn’s pupils attended a virtual MUN at the weekend, accompanied by their teachers Ms Gritten and Ms Follows, and came away with wins and ‘highly commended’s.

Maya in Year 9, representing Japan, and Sofie in Year 12, representing Brazil, won highly commended delegates on the Social and Humanitarian Committee, who were debating the Question of Online Learning and the Question of Terrorist Attacks in France. Izzy in Year 10 won highly commended delegate representing the UK on the Special Political and Decolonisation Committee, debating the Question of the Hong Kong Crisis and the Question of Neo-Colonialism in Latin America.

The delegations were organised by Erika and Kate (Secretary-Generals) in Year 12. The two worked hard with preparations, even putting on an extremely well-attended resolution-writing workshop for new club members after school, in addition to the normal MUN club on Tuesdays. Furthermore, both were ‘guest chairs’ at this conference, which is a huge compliment from Epsom College, and both were in charge of the Human Rights Committee.

MUN club is still growing under their efficient leadership despite recent lockdowns – well done to them and to all the club members!