The Science of Orthopaedic Surgery 

As part of Alleyn's Celebration of Science 2021, pupils were fortunate to hear from Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon, Mr Jon Hutt.  

Mr Hutt, who is a specialist hip surgeon, took pupils on a fascinating exploration of the worlds of medical imaging, orthopaedic diagnosis, and surgical procedures.  

Starting with an overview of what orthopaedics is and his personal medical journey including 18 years of training from the start of medical school to his current position, Mr Hutt went on to talk us through different cases and procedures with a series of engrossing images of real-life surgical procedures and X-rays, from injured young athletes to elderly patients needing hip replacements. 

He gave a fascinating explanation of the importance of medical imaging as a critical part of diagnosis and gave kudos to materials science, vital for the development of artificial body parts from the past failings of glass and Teflon to the incredible materials used today which provide life-long success, as well as where advancements in digital technology and augmented mixed reality are taking his specialism.  

Pupils and staff were keen to ask Jon plenty of insightful question, from whether custom implants need to be made for each individual case to the impact that Covid-19 has had on the number of patients who have been able to have surgery and how Jon and his team have been redeployed to support the Covid relief effort.  

Director of Science, Mr Ben Jones, thanked Mr Hutt for “An utterly riveting and quite remarkable talk.”