How to Beat Covid with Dr Kevin Fong

As part of the Ideas at Alleyn’s series of lectures, Dr Kevin Fong gave a fascinating talk reflecting on his experiences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic so far.

Dr Fong talked about his work at NHS England, showing photographs documenting some of his experiences from the start of Covid-19 to the present, including working on Christmas Day in the NHS during the Winter lockdown of 2020.

Dr Fong also drew upon his experience of working with NASA as an astronaut, and how we might also learn from the seemingly impossible feat of the Apollo mission and apply similar problem-solving strategies for challenges as enormous as Covid-19.

He explained how Particle Physicists were the best people to design the complex modelling created to predict what the pandemic would do next using census data, live updates on infections and a great deal of computer power.

Questioned on personal moments of pride during the role he has played in the pandemic, Dr Fong said he was most proud of those on the ‘shop floor’ of the NHS. He said:

“They performed incredible feats across the health service every day... that’s the story of Covid.”

We are extremely grateful to Dr Fong for sharing his insights.