The Ten Rs of Resilience

Staff were inspired by the comprehensive and practical talk Kathy gave this lunchtime on how we can encourage resilience and self-esteem in our pupils, especially following the trials of Covid and successive lockdowns.

Kathy helpfully provided the framework of the ‘Ten Rs of Resilience’

The ten Rs of Resilience

Themes covered under the umbrella of the ten Rs were how we can listen actively to young people, recognising, naming and sharing emotions with children, identifying what we have to be grateful for, and the ways we can boost self-esteem in young people, both in the curriculum and in our language and actions outside the classroom. Kathy also spoke about the how can we get young people talking about their feelings and the usefulness of keeping a well-being journal.

Head Jane Lunnon thanked Kathy for her rich and inspiring talk full of helpful and practical suggestions and reflected how important it was to have the space to step outside the mechanics of our days to day jobs to focus fully on the well-being of the children in our care.

Nurturing Resilience