The Truth Behind Sporting Success 

After huge success in the Advent term, the Alleyn’s Sport Lockdown Speaker Series kicked off once again on 20 January with an inspirational talk on ‘The Truth Behind Sporting Success’.  

Alleyn's Year 7 pupil, Conor, did an outstanding job as charismatic host, interviewing the two Directors of Sport at Alleyn’s - Mr English and Mr Molloy. Insightful questions were posed by the audience of 115 pupils and parents, as the two Directors of Sport spoke honestly about the challenges of staying motivated during Covid-19, what makes a successful Alleyn's sportsperson and how to deal with failure.  

Key messages from the night included seizing the opportunity that lockdown has provided to maintain and even build upon your physical and mental fitness, as Mr English spoke about the values of determination and effort. Mr Molloy expanded upon this to stress the importance of keeping enjoyment at the forefront of sport and physical activity, which he believes to be one of the key features of a successful sportsperson. Conor even imparted a few words of wisdom of his own! 

We look forward to next week's lockdown speaker - former Alleyn's pupil Alex Garcev - who will be discussing his football career and his current role as Chelsea’s chief scout in Spain and Portugal.