Upper School Visit Globe for Measure for Measure

When so much has been virtual in these past two years, it was a treat for Alleyn’s Year 12 and 13 A level English students to start the year with some live theatre, visiting the Globe to see Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure on Tuesday 11 January.

Ms Whitehead and Ms Anderson accompanied the group. Ms Whitehead said:

"The decision to set the events in the 1970s, using music, costume, props like the old plastic telephones and power cuts (meaning they had to resort to candles…) worked really well and the way the actors delivered their lines and used devices such as loudspeakers and dance moves really brought out the comedy."

"The actors manipulated the small, intimate space so cleverly with the spontaneity of their performances being particularly impressive." Clemmie, Year 13

This latest production of Measure for Measure is directed by Blanche McIntyre.