Waste Not Want Not

The Y9 ‘Fishtank Club’ members who so delighted Head, Jane Lunnon, with their bright and empassioned plea for funds in the early days of her Headship, stepped in to do some good this lunchtime when, under the ingenious suggestion of Physics Technician Mr Tober, wire from a structure damaged in the current storm was diverted from the skip to find new life as raw materials for STEM Club learning with Year 7s.

The insulated wire was cut, stripped and separated and will be re-born as a handmade ‘steady hand’ game. (Think ‘Operation’ without the more complicated bits!). The wire will be given to Year 12s who, as part of their own enrichment programme, have been busy making videos and kits for different STEM projects: Steady hand game, bath bomb, chromatography LED flowers for the Y7s to enjoy at STEM Club after half-term. Using the kit and video the Y7s will make all the different projects each week.

With Y9 stripping the copper for the Y12 enrichment programme to benefit the Y7s, every section of the Senior School has been involved in this project! Together with reclaiming and recycling old materials, we think this classifies as a collective success!