What does it mean to be a hero?

Year 7 pupil Rafferty, shares his heartfelt and touching feelings on what it means to him to be heroic:

I think that to be a hero you need to stand up in the face of adversity even when others don't. It is not about being bitten by a radioactive spider or falling from a distant planet it’s about having the grit to carry on when others don’t. We are making jokes about the fact that we are all doing a service to our country by staying home and watching Netflix but we should be thanking others before we make any jokes.

It would be easy for all of the NHS workers to just stay home and pretend they are ill or not come in at all but no they come in every day willing to risk their lives so that we are safer. They don’t care about the fact they could stay home and lie in bed all day; they still come in every day and work long shifts trying to help us all.

They might not be wearing lycra in bright colours or wearing a bold cape but in reality they are the real heroes and not only the NHS but all of the key workers that keep our country running in these trying times, to the post officers and the firefighters, to the binmen and the police and also to the NHS workers keeping us going, thank you.

Thank you for keeping us up to date on the news, thank you for giving so much even when you have so little and thank you for keeping us safe.