What is Your Vision for the World Now?

On Wednesday 7 July, Year 12s enjoyed a fascinating Enrichment Day packed with speakers sharing their vision for the future. A day to inspire our young people to live impactful, meaningful lives! 

The day kicked off with a talk from Josie Naughton, Founder of Choose Love – an international charity dedicated to ending the refugee crisis around the world. Josie shared the power of what we can achieve if we believe in ourselves. Choose Love began in 2015 just from a simple hashtag and a group of friends wanting to take donations to help people in Calais. Today, the charity supports more than 120 projects across Europe, the Middle East and the US-Mexico border. 

Marine conservationist, Libby Bowles from Tread Lighter then opened students' eyes to the issue of plastic pollution in the oceans. In 2017 Libby made a bamboo bike and cycled around parts of Australia, New Zealand and Africa to raise awareness about and lessen plastic pollution in our oceans. Libby impressed upon our students the power of individuals and called on them to decide what kind of difference they want to make.  

Designer Beatrix Ong then talked Year 12s through her journey from working at Jimmy Choo to studying great white sharks and working in sustainable design and social causes. She introduced her 20+ years in the creative industries and beyond as well as described how there are infinite possibilities in vocations and how to find them.  

And in a final fascinating talk, Alleyn’s Head of Psychology Stephen Keeler discussed the important issue of unconscious bias - social stereotypes about certain groups of people that we form outside of our conscious awareness. He discussed the impact this can have, and what we can do to be aware of and address these types of behaviours. 

Head of the Alleyn's Learners' Programme (ALP) Ms Aird said: "What a day to end their ALP experience at Alleyn's! Josie Naughton sets a high bar for responding powerfully to the experiences you have in life. Beatrix and Libby were amazing at sharing a vision of careers that are varied and fascinating. An enormous thank you to our own Stephen Keeler who took us on a journey to understanding the psychology of 'othering' people and how to see the humanity in all. Thank you also to our Year 12s who asked pertinent questions throughout and showed that they really are living our school values." 

Thank you to each of our speakers for sharing their important visions for the world – whether they be free of plastic in the ocean or free from biases and stereotypes, each talk offered our Year 12s fascinating food for thought about the impact they have on the world.