Winter Sports Day 

On 11 February, Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils enjoyed a well-deserved break from their normal timetable, to compete in the first ever Alleyn’s Winter Sports Day!  

Pupils took part in a wide range of challenges which they could compete in remotely, including how many layers of clothing you can add in one minute, how many times you can successfully flip a bottle in one minute, the one minute burpee challenge, a plank hold as well as imitating famous moments from sporting history. Everyone involved embraced the competition with a fantastic spirit, as pupils worked their socks off to earn points towards their form total.  

Seb in Year 7 said: "My favourite part of the Alleyn's Winter Sports Day was the live events. They gave me a sense of community spirit. It felt like I was part of something bigger than myself, something that everyone deserves to feel. Seeing everyone working out was the highlight of my day."

Lara in Year 7 added: "My favourite event was the clothes competition because it was so fun and all my class did it together and burst out in laughter." 

Some of the impressive results are as follows:

  • Record for successful bottle flips in one minute: 19 (Gabriel in Year 9)
  • Record time that a pupil managed to complete the card sorting challenge = 31 seconds! (Selina in Year 8)
  • As a whole...Year 7, 8 and 9s walked over 300km (about the same distance as London to Plymouth!)
  • In total the pupils managed to hold a plank position for over 600 minutes or 10 hours!

Congratulations to 7ME, 8ME and 9ND who were crowned as Champions. What a brilliant way to end the half term!