Year 11s Look Ahead with Careers Launch

Glad to be back after a summer term of remote learning, Year 11 pupils were introduced to their Careers programme for the new academic year, in the MCT within a Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE) session. 

Armed with some ‘career coach’ humour, Alleyn’s Head of Careers, Mrs Gina Visram started the session by sharing a meme which said “Can we all agree that in 2015, not a single person got the answer correct to the question ‘where do you see yourself five years from now’?” - in acknowledgement of the unprecedented year we have all had.  

The session featured some general advice as well as context of what the Year 11 programme would involve in the upcoming year, including: 

  • Attitude: The importance of resilience and being open to a variety of options in a changing world of work 

  • Link between careers ambitions and A Level (or other post-16) choices 

  • My Future Choice – one on one interviews 

  • A closer look at “portfolio careers” and "Squiggly Careers” 

  • Work Experience (the sole focus of a Year 11 session) 

  • Careers considerations in Covid times – which will include a reminder about how Labour Market Information can be a powerful tool in careers exploration 

  • Careers Action Plans on Grofar  

  • Careers Talks (remote and / or in person) 

  • CV updates and cover letter writing   

  • Brief introduction: Networking and relationship building.

Mrs Visram noted: “This year, it is important to share a ‘normal’ Careers context as well as a Covid specific one. It is never about being ‘apocalyptic’ when it comes to Careers although we recognise we are currently seeing the most competitive and complicated job market that any of us can remember. Nonetheless, many exciting opportunities will exist for our pupils both now and in the future as there are opportunities to take and make throughout the year. As long as pupils decide to (1) embrace technology and understand its impact in all sectors and (2) be purposeful and open-minded along the journey – there will be great things to come.” 

Alleyn’s dedicated Careers team is accessible in person and / or remotely every day to help pupils with careers education, information and guidance. The Careers team is always open to ideas and input from current pupils and parents and to queries from prospective pupils and parents so please do not hesitate to get in touch via