Year 13 Spreads Awareness of British Sign Language

For thousands of people who are deaf or hard of hearing and who might rely on lip reading or reading facial expressions, the rules around mandatory face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic can be extremely challenging. 

Year 13 student Silver, has put together a brilliant video resource (below) to spread awareness of these challenges. Drawing on her brother's experience of relying on lip reading, she encourages us all to be more considerate and patient towards others as well as using this opportunity to educate ourselves on British Sign Language. She also shows us some basic sign language to begin our journey. 

Speaking of Silver's video, Head of the Alleyn's Learners' Programme, Dorcas Aird, said: “Our Alleyn’s Learners’ Programme encourages our young people to be proactive, aspirational, informed and engaged. Silver in Year 13 is living these virtues as she used her initiative to encourage us to learn some British Sign Language. Please listen to her here to find out more. A group of our Year 12s have already embraced the challenge, signed up to an online course and are thinking about their next steps of moving this forward.”  

Watch Silver’s video here: 

To learn more, the Alleyn's Learners' Programme, taught weekly to all Year 7, 8, 9 and 11 Alleyn's pupils will be adding some enrichment plans on the subject.

Find out more about the Alleyn’s Learners’ Programme here.