Year 8 pupils take architecture to the next level

Year 8 architecture extraordinaires recently showcased their work in a private view for parents and special guests.

Since September, all Year 8 pupils have explored contemporary architecture within their Art lessons, creating an exciting range of works that demonstrate creativity and a strong understanding of form and structure. The exhibition showcased a model pavilion produced by every Year 8 pupil, as well as a Photoshop visualisation they had created of it within an environment.

Guest architects, Alex Gore and Dingle Price, from architecture office Pricegore gave a talk to pupils and parents about the inspiration behind their recent winning bid to design the next Dulwich Gallery Pavilion, which will launch this summer. They spoke about importance of model making as an integral part of the design process.

Alex and Dingle chose three winning Year 8 pupils’ models, including Patrick, Sophie and Lina. Congratulations to the winners and to all of our budding Year 8 architects.