Young Masterchefs Produce Bistro Classics

This week, Year 8 took their turn to participate in the ever-popular Inter-form MasterChef Competition. The theme of the event this year was “French Cuisine” and the quality of the work produced was outstanding. Many groups opted for bistro classics such as steak frites, potatoes dauphinois, profiteroles, chocolate mousse and tarte tatin. 


Head of French, Ms Wright said, “It was such a pleasure and an honour to judge Year 8 Masterchef this year! I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the culinary and presentation skills, across savoury and sweet dishes, showcasing some true French classics in all their glory. The greatest of French chefs, Paul Bocuse, would have been mightily impressed!” 


Every dish presented had elements of real technical skill. The winning form (8JM) produced two dishes where everything on the plate was perfectly cooked and beautifully presented: a wonderful fillet steak, a silky gratin dauphinois and crisp roasted cherry tomatoes, followed by giant (but light and fluffy) profiteroles drizzled in caramel, with a side of dark chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries. Absolutely delicious! 

Main image: The winning 8JM team Sylvie, Albie, Cassia and Kit.