TEDxAlleyns School Youth asks How can we be All We Can Be?

Speakers drawn from Alleyn’s pupils, staff, parents and alumni explore new avenues for humankind, society and the universe at our TEDxAlleyns School Youth event.

How can we be All We Can Be? This question drives us every day at Alleyn’s, as we explore our potential as human beings in the belief that we are all uniquely different but each with a limitless trajectory in terms of where we can take ourselves and our society.

The TEDxAlleyns School Youth event, which takes place on Friday 20th October 2023, was conceived to share and build on original thinking from across the Alleyn’s community and will see pupils, staff, parents and alumni step forward to inspire, entertain and unite our community in an entire day of talks and performance. We are delighted to be able to invite the whole community to join us for the third and final session of the day which will include an opportunity discuss ideas with our other guests and to mingle with our wonderful speakers over drinks and canapés.

TEDxAlleyns School Youth will explore new ways of thinking about and understanding society, the economy, science, healthcare, learning, culture and communication. It will examine the relationships and dynamics between humans, and between humans and the world around them. It will challenge central tenets of scholarship and social contracts and will throw light on new hypotheses and innovations that might lead us to live in a world that is a kinder, healthier and more sustainable place.

Please join us this Friday 20 October from 6pm .

Drinks will be from 6pm and the TEDx talks will start at 7pm sharp in our MCT Theatre.

Alleyn’s School, Townley Road, Dulwich.



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