Summer Show 2021

The Summer Show is a highlight of the Alleyn's calendar. Here, Head of Art and Art History, Sally Reynolds, introduces this year's show and our Year 11, 12 and 13 Art students' provocative and sophisticated works. 

The dedication shown by these students and their perseverance during multiple lockdowns has been most impressive. Whether during remote learning in Teams meetings, or back in the studio environment, the team spirit and moral support they have given each other is a testament to them all.

The final works we see – some such as Arthur’s, directly addressing the turbulent times we are living through and others such as Eve’s, revelling in the physicality of the making process - are the culmination of a journey involving hours spent filling up sketchbooks with observations, experiments and artist research and making numerous other supporting works. All these students approach Art with a critical and discursive mind-set. They are a cohort of enquiring, passionate individuals who use art as an investigative tool for powerful personal expression, as they explore and examine the world around them.

Click on the images below to display GCSE and Year 13 A level work from the Summer Show: