All About Food

Our philosophy on food is to enhance quality and choice to produce delicious wholesome food which our pupils look forward to eating each day.

Alleyn's catering arrangements moved in-house from Trinity term 2021 to be managed directly by the School rather than via an external contractor. This enables us to procure our food and other resources through suppliers of our choice, and to be mindful of both its quality and provenance.

Food makes such an enormous difference to pupils’ well-being, their education and their health. Where possible we want pupils to eat hot food, rather than picking up a snack for lunch. Our fixed price for lunch provides a well-balanced meal at school each day, offering vegetables, salads and fruit. It is important that pupils eat a sufficiently balanced lunch so that they are able to participate fully in lessons during the afternoon.

We wish for the food served at Alleyn’s to be interesting, appetising, colourful and delicious. Since our new and extensively qualified Executive Chef, Frederic Scieux, arrived in December 2020, he has been developing his kitchen team and sharing his passion and we are already seeing enhancements to the quality of food.

All About Food

Director of Finance, Claire Morgan, shares her passions for food at Alleyn's and welcomes the catering team in-house.

"Our philosophy on food is to enhance quality and choice to produce delicious, wholesome food which pupils look forward to eating each day." Claire Morgan, Director of Finance

Alleyn's Executive Chef, Frederic Scieux