Occasional Vacancies (Senior School)

Alleyn's is typically full to capacity in all year groups, and it is unusual for us to be able to consider new pupils outside of our formal entry points (i.e. 11+ entry to Year 7 and 16+ entry to Year 12). However, current pupils do sometimes leave, thereby creating a vacancy for a new pupil. We keep a list of candidates who are interested in being considered for an occasional vacancy and, should a vacancy arise, we invite these children to visit Alleyn's for assessment and interview. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict if and when such a vacancy might arise.

We would not expect any vacancies to arise in Year 7 or 12, but vacancies might arise in Years 8, 9 and 10. We do not consider new pupils in Year 11 or Year 13.

If you would like to add your child to the Occasional Vacancy list, please complete the Occasional Vacancy Registration Form here