Alleyn’s School is a 4-18 co-educational, independent day school in Dulwich, London, England.

Welcome from the Head

At Alleyn’s, we pride ourselves on having a wonderful community of bright, happy, and engaged pupils who make our school the special place that it is. Our teaching staff are passionate experts in their fields, and they care deeply about their mission to educate and support our pupils, providing inspiration and guidance in whatever path they choose to take.

Alleyn’s is a school rooted in 400 years of history, but we have always had a forward-thinking lens to the future. We believe in embracing new technologies and equipping our pupils with a strong core of skills for tomorrow so that they can be confident and engaged citizens of the modern world.

The head of Alleyn's school, Jane Lunnon, with senior pupils.

Individuality is celebrated at Alleyn’s. Pupils are encouraged to be exactly who they are, on their journey to becoming all they can be. Fuelled by the nurture of their self-expression, our young people are fun, and they are funny, quirky, intelligent, kind, and well-rounded. They are encouraged to look up and out, and always outside the box.

There are many reasons I am so proud to be the Head of this special school, from the outstanding academic results, sporting triumphs, and performance talent, but the people make our school what it is. Community sits at the very heart of an Alleyn’s education, embodied by our outreach work, partnerships, or volunteering; our pupils care about each other, they care about the world, and they care about their place in it.

Senior school students socialising.

Opening the hearts and minds of our pupils

When children are happy, they do well. While we are very proud of the truly outstanding results that our pupils achieve, rather like the original Renaissance scholars, we see exam results as a by-product of the education we offer, not the central goal. Instead, we seek to open the hearts and minds of our pupils. We encourage them to approach the acquisition of knowledge as a great adventure; to be generous and reflective in their study and to recognise that learning doesn't stop when you leave the classroom, or even when you leave the school.

Our ROCCK values (Respect, Opportunity, Curiosity, Courage and Kindness) are strong golden threads that run through school life, and we are wholeheartedly committed to making an Alleyn’s education accessible to talented children of all backgrounds, with a generous bursary scheme to support this.

If Alleyn’s sounds like a place for your child to flourish, I’d be delighted to welcome you into our school for a tour and to give you a sense of what makes it so special.

Best wishes,

Jane Lunnon

Jane was the recipient of the Tatler Schools “Best Head of an Independent School” award.