Alleyn’s School is a 4-18 co-educational, independent day school in Dulwich, London, England.


What we do at school – from the way we construct new buildings to how we educate pupils and staff to connect with the issue of sustainability – is critical for the future and it is why we are working hard as a school community to find ways to cut the carbon we produce and keep sustainability firmly on everyone's agenda.  

Our sustainability aims, as set out in our Sustainability Policy which you can view on our Policies page, are:  

  • Becoming carbon zero as soon as possible and reducing the School’s environmental impact.  
  • Creating a culture within the School which embeds sustainability into every aspect of school life for pupils, staff, parents, alumni and the wider community. 
  • Embedding sustainability across the teaching and learning at the School.  
  • Embedding sustainability throughout the School’s operations, site management and capital investment.  
  • Living the School’s ROCCK (Respect, Opportunity, Courage, Curiosity and Kindness) values in relation to all things connected with sustainability. 
  • Ensuring that all significant building developments, whether new or refurbished, prioritise sustainability throughout the project.  
  • Promoting biodiversity throughout the School campus and enhancing green spaces for the wellbeing of pupils, staff and visitors.  
  • Promoting wider discussion about sustainability within our community and through our leadership. 

Travelling to Alleyn's

Whether you are visiting just for the day or you're new to our school, and are deciding on your best mode of transport for the school run, we hope our School Transport Strategy will equip you with the information to make an informed, safe and greener choice. 

Green Scene

You can keep up to date with our environmental efforts in The Green Scene, our termly digital publication on sustainability at Alleyn’s: 

Sustainability Committee 

The Alleyn’s Sustainability Committee is a group of volunteers, comprising of a cross-section of staff and pupils from the governing body to the youngest members of our school in the Junior School, who meet monthly with the aim of providing impetus, and coordinating and measuring the sustainable journey we are on as a school.  

The work of the Sustainability Committee focuses on the idea that sustainability is everyone’s responsibility within the Alleyn’s community and that Alleyn’s should work towards becoming carbon zero as soon as possible, through the individual actions of many across aspects of Alleyn’s life. This is also a central to the School’s ambition to ensure that over the time the School can generate its own energy and preserve its resources as much as possible.  

Members also work in groups outside their meetings to look at specific areas on which we can take action as a community.  

We also have a pupil-led Eco Committee and Environment Society which raise awareness amongst pupils and organise activities and events to engage pupils in the issues, from rehoming lost property to delivering engaging assemblies on environmental issues to all pupils.