Alleyn’s School is a 4-18 co-educational, independent day school in Dulwich, London, England.

TEDxAlleyns School Youth

Speakers drawn from pupils, staff, parents, and alumni impressed with their creativity and determination, offering talks that challenge norms, push boundaries, and reflect on the lessons of the past. From The power of breaking the rules and deviating from expectation, to Bringing the benefits of genomic medicine to everyone, our TEDxAlleyns School Youth  talks aim to explore new ways of understanding society, technology, science, healthcare, learning, culture and communication. 

Through these talks, we aim to foster learning, inspiration, and profound conversations that will empower us to be All We Can Be as a community, and to help change the world for the better.

Women in the Military: What Would We Do Without Them? | Chloé Masson

From brains to bodies, stigma to stereotypes, this talk addresses the issues currently facing women in the military, and the need for change in the system. Are women vital to the development of an army?


Cultural Intelligence – How to Bridge the Gap Between Different Cultures | Faith Locken

In an increasingly globalised world, where we are exposed to a variety of cultures, cultural intelligence plays an important role in bridging the gap between our differences. This talk provides a possible solution as to how we might go about building that bridge.


Starting to Understand Autism | Flick H

Exploring the interaction between autism and neurotypical thinking in our wider society, this talk aims to provide valuable insight and knowledge, empowering others to take the right outlook to understand neurodiversity.


Neurodiversity Awareness | Trix L

Did you know you are neurodiverse? How about Hagrid or Neville? What is neurodiversity and how can we understand and benefit from it?


Imagination-in-Education: New Tools for New Categories | James Marshall

What is the concept of the imagination-in-education and how could function as an organising principle for educational reform, in order to meet the complex challenges of a 21st Century technologised society?


The Secret to Thriving in Our Chaotic World | Trisha A

The youth of today is grappling with a multitude of distractions, influences and stresses. In this talk, Trisha shares her experiences and thoughts and a special secret to help you navigate the chaotic world which we all live in.


Perils and Pearls of Cliche Advice Adults Give Children | Kevin Molloy

Wisdom is often passed through generations for young people to abide by. These traditions can guide and enrich but also stifle and limit young people. Reframing our thoughts on this process might help everyone navigate the process of growing up more easily.


A Wake Up Call for Our Wardrobes | Joanna P

What we wear impacts the world, us and the people around us. Take this talk as your calling to look, be and feel better.


What Romanticism Teaches Us About Digital Creativity | Dr. Tom Durno

We can learn a great deal from early 19th conceptions of poetic genius in shaping our relationships with AI tools: difficulty is the key.


Business events in flux: Navigating Societal Shifts | Conor Howell-Harte

When it comes to acquiring the learning we need to succeed, audience behaviours and expectations have changed. 
Short-form content platforms, immersive experiences and a greater understanding of one’s wellbeing have changed our expectations around educational moments. So how do we navigate that change? How do we bring learning to life? And how do we turn the wonder of discovery into tangible change?


I Am Going to Live | Sophie L

How we can be All We Can Be through natural potential, the choices we make and having the bravery to try.


The Power of Asian Pop Culture | Ren S

How can pop culture be a powerful tool to change the world? And how is East Asian pop culture already doing it?


All You Can Be: A Response From the WW2 Women of Oxford

As a result of a population change in the students at Oxford University in the Second World War, a new chapter in our understanding of ethics began: the women who found their voice in this new space regained a version of ethics from the ancient world. It drew on the world of experience, observable in the public sphere, and able to be debated as a real feature of the world. And its basis was the pursuit of All We Can Be.


Making Big Decisions | Lisa McNulty

Big - or strategic - decisions are hard to make and difficult to change.   In this talk, Lisa sets out some tips for making better big decisions.


Nuns! | Nicola Waddington

A look behind the scenes of a religious congregation of missionary sisters - who they are, what they do, and why.


Do, Don't Dream! | Mani W

We often limit ourselves to only doing what we’re comfortable with due to the fear of unknowns or changes, effectively inhibiting our growth. Through using personal anecdotes, Ella dives deep into her own experience coming out of her comfort zone and encourages others to do the same too.


The Perils and Hopes for ChatGPT | Luca J

Chat GPT and its implications on education - what does an AI study buddy look like to a 9 year-old?


Dangers of a Knowledge Hierarchy | Ella C

We universally contribute to an invisible hierarchy of knowledge which is often used against us. By raising our own awareness and changing our thinking processes we can overcome its negative influence and fuel discovery. Are we really smarter than someone else?



History Belongs to Us All: A Personal Journey | Hugo Wong

Hugo Wong undertook a journey of many years to research the forgotten history of his family and now mostly extinct community, the Americas' lost Chinese. He tells us of some his findings, challenges and the meaning of his journey into history.


How To Start a Nuclear War at 17 | Izzy S

How can young people make sense of what’s going on in the world? Learning how to work with others and to debate anything from plastic straws to atomic bombs can equip us all for a united future.



Social Media: A Warning for the Future | Theo S

A young person's perspective into how the growth of technology often outpaces the needed regulations, how social media and its impact on young people factors into this and why we should make sure that the technology of the future is designed with the best interests of the user in mind.


The Power of Breaking the Rules and Deviating from Expectation | Felix Barrett

Felix Barrett MBE, founder and artistic director of immersive theatre company, Punchdrunk, talks about two inspirational drama teachers he had at Alleyn’s and the enduring lessons which have informed his pioneering approach to making work.


What is Image Generation AI, and What Does It Mean for Us? | Adam P

Adam presents his opinion, as well as relaying others', providing an insight into the world of AI. He also discusses what it is capable of, and what the potential dangers are.


Artificial Intelligence and Real Life: What Does This Mean for Us? | Aditi Subbarao

This talk explores the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, its capabilities, possibilities, risks and limitations. We understand why now is the time to embrace AI, dispel misconceptions, and set out a clear approach to making the most of this technology in our daily lives, in a safe and open manner.


Embrace Difference | Bella X

Imagine a world where families are as diverse as a zoo full of eccentric animals. In this wild and wacky universe, everyone has a unique family story to share, just like a parade of talking elephants and dancing penguins.

Once upon a time, a 9-year-old adventurer named Bella hopped across three countries with her mom and met people crazier than clowns. She still wonders "Why do I stick out like a giggly unicorn at a penguin party?".


What is Great Sportsmanship? | Alex D

This talk highlights the importance of showing good sportsmanship and why good sportsmanship benefits everyone.