Alleyn’s School is a 4-18 co-educational, independent day school in Dulwich, London, England.

Welcome to Alleyn's Junior School

Head's Welcome

Glorious grounds and fantastic facilities

The Junior School is an intimate and friendly community based in a brand new building specially designed for the all-rounded, nurturing education we offer, and nestled in a 28 acre site with glorious grounds and fantastic sporting facilities.

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Students in alleyn's junior school.

Celebrate your ideas

Here at our school, there is always something going on, where the passion of our staff and the ideas of our young pupils are encouraged and celebrated. Our values ‘Respect, Opportunity, Courage, Curiosity and Kindness' are the cornerstone of our school and pervade all aspects of our outstanding curriculum and co-curriculum.

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Academic curiosity is constantly nurtured throughout the classrooms from the earliest age, with committed and passionate teachers, and an inspiring and wide-ranging curriculum which leads to our children achieving excellent results in external competitions, poetry and story writing, general knowledge and science quizzes, language, maths and memory challenges.

Arts at Alleyn's junior school.

Excel in your passions

Our children are more than just strong performers on the academic front. We offer a plethora of opportunities for your children to explore their passions and interests, as a well-rounded education is important to us. We live this value through the range of visiting speakers, numerous themed days, exciting day and residential trips and over 100 clubs each term. Indeed, if your children attend our school, do not be surprised if they develop a proclivity for music, become thespians or start to excel in sports!

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Respect and kindness for one another are two of our key values, and which we promote daily in our school. We believe our four vertical houses embed friendships and profound loyalty to one another during the course of every child’s time from Reception to Year 6. Each form group is suitably intimate yet a healthy size, with a very equal gender split. This size and the fact that we have both Infants and Juniors together under one roof, nurture an intimacy, a togetherness, a support for each other and a sense of belonging and knowing that you can be recognised and known by your peers and all the staff. You will find that everyone looks out for one another and is kind to each other.

Respect for the environment is taught in the junior school.

Be kind to your world

‘Respect’ for the environment is also taught from an early age as we want to teach our pupils to be ‘Kind’ to their world. Following long-running encouragement promoting  sustainable modes of transport, we are proud to have seen a significant increase in the number of families coming by foot, cycle, or scooter. Children also engage in a variety of ‘green initiatives’ around the school, often through the Eco-Council.

Pastoral care and safeguarding are central to every single thing that happens every day and given the highest priority as we want the children to feel and be safe. Our pastoral framework gives them the space and the confidence to be the best versions of themselves. We are proud to have children come to our school from a variety of backgrounds, with different interests and characters and to give them the endless courage to express their interests, dreams, and desires.

Boy and girls students together in the coed junior school.

An inclusive learning environment

We are a proud co-educational school. We recognise that there are differences, as well as many similarities, between boys and girls and so we make sure that we offer a curriculum and co-curriculum that is very broad and caters for the needs of all children, without assuming that they all learn in one way or another because of that gender.

We believe that a coeducational environment contributes significantly in enabling children to be at ease with themselves and discovering different qualities within their own character as well as being prepared for the realities of life outside school.

We would love to welcome you to our school to learn more. Please do not hesitate to register for any of our open days to see the school in person and ask any questions you may have.

Simon Severino
Head of Alleyn's Junior School