Senior School 16+

Online Registration for potential admission at 16+ in September 2020 is now closed.

Although almost all of our Year 11 pupils stay on for the Upper School (sixth form), we expand our year group slightly and take on more students at 16+. We are lucky to attract high-quality applicants, many of whom come to us seeking the benefits of the co-educational experience that we offer at Alleyn’s.

We are keen to offer places to academically able candidates whose family circumstances mean that their parents cannot meet the full school fees and we offer means-tested bursaries for 16+ applicants. 

You will be made to feel welcome if you join us in Year 12: we have a strong pastoral care system at Alleyn’s and we mix up the tutor groups to give the Upper School a new identity (students also have the support of their Housemaster). This helps integrate the pupils that join us in the Upper School as well as offering a new experience for our current pupils. We have induction and team-building events for new joiners at the start of Year 12 to help you settle in too.

Key Dates for September 2020 Entry

Registration period opens Sunday 1 September 2019
Open Event Tuesday 10 September at 2.30pm
Open Event Saturday 28 September, 9.30am - 12 noon
Registration period closes Friday 18 October at midday
16+ Entrance Assessments Saturday 9 November 2019
16+ Interviews Saturday 23 November 2019

16+ Scholarships

Academic Scholarships 

There are several Academic Entrance Scholarships available at 16+, the value of which will vary according to the merits of the candidate.  The maximum scholarship awarded to any one student is normally £5,000 per year.  Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the student’s attendance at Alleyn’s.  They are not means-tested but are awarded strictly on merit.    

Music Scholarship

The Music Scholarship is worth up to £5,000 per year.  To be eligible, candidates must reach a satisfactory standard in the entrance assessments.  Applicants are then asked to attend a 30-minute audition to play two instruments (usually to at least Grade VII standard on their principal instrument).

Scholarships at 16+

Value per year

Academic Entrance Scholarship

Up to £5,000 per year

Music Scholarship

Up to £5,000 per year

(plus free tuition on principal instrument)

The Application Process, Assessments and Interviews

Application Form

The application form consists of two parts: Part 1 requires parents to provide the key details we need to process the application; Part 2 requires candidates to complete a "personal statement", telling us why they want to come to Alleyn's.

Entrance Assessments

All candidates sit general papers that test their skills in Qualitative Reasoning (comprehension and data interpretation), Quantitative Reasoning and Critical Writing regardless of their A level choices. Although it is expected that successful candidates will fare well in all aspects of the written assessment, we understand that these papers will not be equally relevant to all A level options and therefore we will primarily consider a candidate’s scores in the 2 papers that are most relevant, depending on the A level options they have chosen to study.

The assessment acts as a screening process to suggest those who might have the potential to cope with the academic education Alleyn's has to offer.  It is intended that our entrance assessments will enable candidates from all educational backgrounds to demonstrate their innate skills. The papers will not be syllabus-dependent and should be accessible to all.

Please note that we do not publish sample papers for the 16+ admissions assessments.

Quantitative Reasoning

The paper consists of multiple choice questions, which range in difficulty, to test a candidate’s mathematical skills. No calculators are allowed. This should be accessible to anyone who is studying a GCSE Mathematics course and is not syllabus-dependent. To prepare, you could look over some of the questions you have done at school on trigonometry, algebra and numerical problems.

Qualitative Reasoning

The paper consists of i) some short texts with accompanying multiple choice questions which test a candidate’s skills in analysing written information and ii) data such as graphs or tables with accompanying multiple choice questions.

Critical Writing

Candidates write a short 1 page essay on a general question. Details are given on how to structure the answer. No specific prior knowledge is required. Some example questions are given below:

  1. Humans should never be cloned
  2. There should be a maximum limit for salaries


Candidates reaching a satisfactory standard in the assessments will be invited for interviews which will consist of:

  • A general Interview with members of the Upper School team to discuss subject choices and why candidates want to come to Alleyn’s.
  • Three subject interviews in three of your A level subject choices. The interviewer will explore why candidates want to study the subject and assess their potential to do well in the subject by asking them to analyse a piece of information or answer some questions. 


Can I visit Alleyn’s?

We encourage all prospective parents – and their children – to visit us.  Our open events are held during the Advent (autumn) term. There is a Tuesday open afternoon and one Saturday open morning. Reservations are not necessary for these events and everyone is welcome. 

When can I register my child for 16+ entry to Year 12?

You can register your child for 16+ entry when he or she commences Year 11. The registration period always opens on 1 September and for 2020 entry will close at midday on Friday 18 October. At Alleyn’s we do not accept early applications and everyone who is registered is invited to sit the entrance examinations.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is £150 for all 16+ applicants. You must pay the registration fee when you submit your registration form.

I cannot afford the registration fee. Can I still register my child?

The registration fee is not payable if your child qualifies for the Pupil Premium. You must provide written evidence of the Pupil Premium when you submit your child’s registration form.

I cannot afford Alleyn’s school fees. Can my child still be considered for a place?

Yes. You can apply for financial assistance to help cover the cost of your child’s school fees. This financial assistance is means-tested and, depending on your circumstances, may cover the full cost of the fees.

Once you have submitted your child’s registration form we will send you a special Bursary Application Form for you to complete and return. This will provide us with important information about your family’s financial situation, which will be assessed by the School Bursar.

Financial assistance is also known as an Academic Bursary.

The Alleyn’s entrance examination clashes with another entrance examination, or is inconvenient. Can my child sit the entrance examination on another day?

All candidates are expected to sit the entrance examinations on the published date and it is not normally possible to offer alternative arrangements. Please inform the Registrar of any examination clashes.

We live overseas at the moment. Must my child sit the entrance examinations at Alleyn’s?

Candidates who are living abroad at the time of the entrance assessments will normally be required to come to the School for assessment but may, on occasion, sit the assessments at another approved test centre by prior arrangement (please note this is usually only applicable to overseas applicants). All candidates are required to come to the school in person if invited to interview. 

Why do I have to sit a Quantitative Reasoning Paper if I don’t want to do Mathematics at A Level?

Our written assessments act as a screening process in order to identify those students with the potential to cope and thrive at Alleyn’s. We will primarily take into account the two most relevant papers out of the three papers sat by each individual candidate. 

Are any past papers available?

We do not publish past papers for the 16+ entrance assessments, but we give some information on the structure of the assessments on our website which will help you to prepare. 

I haven’t studied the subject before, how will I cope with the subject interview?

Subjects such as Art History, Economics, Psychology or Philosophy are based on the assumption that candidates will not have studied these subjects before. They are not offered at GCSE level at Alleyn’s so all of our current Alleyn’s pupils moving up from Year 11 will be starting from scratch too. The relevant Heads of Departments are aware and will not try to catch you out but rather identify the potential in each candidate based on your general knowledge.

If I am offered a place, what happens if I change my mind after selecting the A Levels I want to study?

Once the closing date has passed and for the entire admissions process we cannot change the subjects you have nominated but, if you are offered a place we will, of course, review your A Level options.  Changes of mind often do take place in the final year of GCSEs and we do our utmost to accommodate them.

Will I settle in if I join a new School for the Sixth Form?

Of course you are making a big step, but if you are offered a place you will come and visit us in the July before you start.  This will give you a chance to meet some of our current pupils and to meet your tutor and Housemaster. When you start, we have an induction day to show you around, and a team building event to help meet your fellow students. We usually place a couple of new joiners in each tutor group. There is a lot to take in as you start a new school, but help is always on hand if you have any questions or problems.

We look for boys and girls, from all backgrounds, who will respond to the School's opportunities and values, and contribute with their talents and enthusiasm.