Bursaries & Scholarships (Senior School)

We look for young people who are hungry for opportunity, who are kind, capable and curious, with the spirit of possibility. We welcome applications from children of all backgrounds, regardless of their financial circumstances.

We offer a wide range of means-tested bursaries and (non-means-tested) scholarships, allowing us to offer places to children whose performance in our entrance assessments indicate they will flourish within an Alleyn's education, irrespective of their financial circumstances. In addition, the WJ Smith Trust offers means-tested bursary assistance (up to 100% of the School fees) to candidates who demonstrate exceptional music promise at the music scholarship audition.

Around 10% of our Senior School pupils receive significant means-tested help with fees, many paying no fees at all. There is additional support available for extras such as uniform, learning devices and school trips. We provide over £2 million in means-tested support each year.

Scholarships (which can be worth up to a maximum of £5,000 per year and are not means-tested) may also be awarded in conjunction with bursaries.

We waive the registration fee to apply to Alleyn's for those in receipt of the Pupil Premium, Universal Credit or Income Support , and we are constantly fundraising to increase the number of pupils we can support.

To learn more about help with fees at Alleyn's, contact the Registrar, Ms Louise Mawer, on 020 8557 1478 or email registrar@alleyns.org.uk

Scholarships at 11+ Value per Year
Academic Scholarship Up to £5,000 per year
Art Scholarship Up to £2,000 per year
Art Exhibition £100 per year
DT Scholarship Up to £2,000 per year
DT Exhibition £100 per year
Drama Scholarship Up to £5,000 per year
Drama Exhibition £250 per year
Music Scholarship Up to £5,000 per year plus free tuition on principal instrument
Music Exhibition Free tuition on one instrument each year
Sports Scholarship Up to £5,000 per year
Sports Exhibition £250 per year
Scholarships at 16+ Value per Year
Academic Scholarship Up to £5,000 per year
Performing Arts Up to £5,000 per year