Facts & Figures

In 2017/18, Alleyn's provided 89 means-tested bursaries in excess of £1.6m.

This is possible due to the Dulwich Estate income distribution each year, a grant from The Worshipful Company of Saddlers and other generous benefactors whose donations have enhanced the bursary provision at the School. We are committed to growing the number of means-tested bursaries for local children. 

In the same academic year, over 1,167 hours of access to facilities were provided to both local schools and community groups involving over 4,000 people throughout the course of the year. Of these totals, 580 hours of use were provided to local schools.

We have increased volunteering opportunities for our pupils. In addition to the Thursday afternoon volunteering scheme in Years 10-13, we have introduced a Community Sports Leadership Award in partnership with Alleyn's Junior School, the Southwark Community Education Charity Saturday Maths Scheme for Year 11 mentors, the Primary Partnership outreach programme for Year 12 students and the Elms Residential Care Home project with pupils in Year 8.

If you would like to find out more about Alleyn's partnership projects, visit the Schools Together website. 

For information about our wider work in the community, please feel free to contact our Co-curricular and Partnerships team.


For much more detail about our educational links, the financial assistance we have given and how our facilities have been shared during 2017/18, please follow the links below: