We support one major charity at a time.

This gives us the opportunity to develop a relationship with the charity and for our children to develop an understanding of how the money we raise is going to be used. Our current school charity is the Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers. This is a charity that supports asylum seekers in our local area through help with housing, food, education and the asylum process. Various events take place over the course of the year to either support the charity financially or to collect items that they need to carry out their services. Examples of past events include cake sales, movie nights and own clothes days. Some children will also choose to organize their own individual events to support this cause.

A number of other charities are supported during the course of the year. We participate in national events such as Jeans for Genes, Royal British Legion, Comic Relief, Christmas Jumper Day, MacMillan Coffee Morning and Children in Need to raise awareness of these causes. We also support other local endeavours such as the Norwood and Brixton Foodbank, Little Village and the London Children’s Book Project with donations of items.

Our team of Year 6 Charity Monitors, directed by staff, work hard to encourage all the children and staff to support the events that happen throughout the year. Before each fundraising event the Charity Monitors address their peers in assembly to explain about the work of that particular cause. The Year 6 Monitors also spend time helping at school charity events, organizing donations at the local foodbank and discussing with representatives from the various charities that we support. This enables these older children to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of supporting charitable work and also to appreciate the value of giving time as well as money.

As part of their diploma work, all Year 6 children work individually or in groups on the ‘Fiver Challenge’, which asks them to use a loan of £5 to generate money for a charity of their choice. This allows the children to think independently about the causes that they are passionate about and to experience the process of organising a fundraising activity.

Our current school charity is Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers