Co-curricular activities are an integral component of everyday school life and embrace the common interests of the children and those who run the activities. 

The clubs take place before school, during lunch times or after school.  For morning clubs, start times range from 7.30-8.00 am.  Lunch time clubs commence at 12.30 pm and finish at 1.05 pm.  After school clubs commence at 3.30 pm and run until 4.30 pm unless otherwise specified.  For all early morning sports clubs, pupils are welcome to bring in a suitable breakfast snack (nut, coconut and sesame free) to eat in the Exhibition Area, between their club and school registration time. 

Club timetables vary from term to term and, except for team practices and musical groups where continuity is desirable, are all voluntary, although we do expect club members to commit themselves for the duration of the term.


Chess Club