The School Day

The Junior School building opens at 8.15 am for all children with playground supervision available for Junior Children only (Years 3 - 6) from 8.00 am until 8.15 am.

Children should be in their classrooms by 8.30 am when registration is called. There then follows an assembly or a period of form time or DEAR (Drop Everything and Read). 

The day continues with two lessons of 40 minutes each, a morning break of 20 minutes followed by another two lessons. The school community eats lunch together at 12.00 pm and the children usually are in the playground from 12.30 pm until 1.10 pm.

Afternoon registration is at 1.15 pm followed by three afternoon lessons. Reception children often take a rest period after lunch (especially at the start of the year) and all Infants have a 20 minute afternoon play. Lessons finish at 3.20 pm and the children then spend ten minutes back with their Form Teachers when they organise their homework and bag for the end of the school day.

There are a great many lunchtime and after-school clubs, as well as a small number of pre-school clubs.

The School runs a flexible After School Care scheme for any child from 3.30 pm until 6.00 pm. Children have the opportunity to complete homework tasks, play board games, use the Library or play outside with members of the after school care staff.