Careers Support


At Alleyn’s, we place great emphasis around building excitement about Careers and agree with the Career Development Institute (CDI) positioning - 

“Career describes our journey through life, learning and work. We need actively to develop our careers to make the best of them. This process of career development takes skill as well as knowledge and the right attitude. Individuals need to work on career development skills throughout their lives.” 

At Alleyn’s, that looks like: 

·         Career curiosity in the lower school, which continues alongside... 

·         Career exploration in the middle school, both of which continue and help with... 

·         Career decision-making in the upper school 

These stages help to prepare Alleyn’s learners to make well-informed decisions as they embark on next steps towards university and/or apprenticeships, having started to actively consider what is important to them in their bigger picture of life and work in the future.  

At appropriate stages in their time at Alleyn’s, pupils will be supported as they reflect on their strengths and skills; explore jobs of the future; gain insights about different ways of working such as employment, freelancing and entrepreneurship, build relationships (network); learn goal setting techniques; undertake work experience; break through stereotypes; learn about personal branding and how positive the purposeful use of social media can be in career development. They will also write CVs; practice interviews; get clear information on multiple routes towards their career goals (including the recognition of portfolio careers) and understand more about how economy, politics and society connect with their own lives and careers.  


The CDI Career Development Framework (introduced in April 2021) talks about the factors needed for a positive career. These include “grow throughout life”, “explore possibilities”, “manage career”, “create opportunities”, “balance life and work” and “see the big picture”. It is with this vision and in conjunction with recommendations from The Gatsby Benchmarks that Alleyn’s ensures our students are poised to embrace potentially 50+ years of a career ahead – one which they will enjoy and one in which their academic and co-curricular foundation at Alleyn’s has been highly beneficial.   

What our students say:

“The careers provision in PSCHE for Year 11 has been really useful and have given a lot of pupils more of a sense of direction, tempered by a reminder to keep an open mind for a wide breadth of career options. This is supplemented by talks and interviews with a wide range of people who are seasoned professionals in their area, and hearing their personal experiences has been extremely helpful.” Hailey, Y11 (2021-2022)

“The careers department has been my go to place for university, work experience and career support. It's where I always find valuable advice and have always felt hugely supported. They have been invaluable through my journey for the past few years and the tips and wisdom never fail to amaze and motivate me!” Romy, Y13 (2021-2022)