All pupils at Alleyn’s study Computer Science in Years 7 and 8.

As well as focusing on computational thinking, which develops problem-solving skills and logical thinking, our pupils learn practical IT skills and begin to understand the principles of computer networks and hardware, as well as considering the impact of computers on society.

In Year 9 pupils explore these concepts further, learning to deconstruct more challenging problems and develop efficient algorithms in the form of flowcharts, pseudo-code and executable programs.

For those with a passion for computing, we offer the iGCSE in Computer Science to enable them to tackle increasingly complex problems and enrich their understanding.  The iGCSE offers pupils a real flavour of what computer science is, and an appreciation of the challenges and satisfaction of writing computer programmes.

Beyond the classroom, pupils enjoy attending computing clubs, where they take up opportunities to pursue a range of pupil-led activities including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit and Game Making. If a young learner has a passion for a particular programming language we can support extension activities in a variety of languages, including Scratch, Small Basic, Visual Basic, Python and Java.

In Year 9 we nominate pupils to participate in a Computing Masterclass run by the Royal Institution and delivered by academics and industry leaders for enthusiastic young learners.

Pupils have the opportunity to pursue a range of activities including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit and Game Making. 

Girls and boys using class iPads during a lesson