Dance is a vibrant part of the academic and extra-curricular life at Alleyn’s, offering all pupils exciting opportunities to express and explore themselves and the world around them.

Starting in Year 7, boys and girls use the painting by Salvador Dali, ‘The Persistence of Memory’, to learn the building blocks of choreographic method by developing and manipulating two motifs taught to them by their teacher to devise their own original piece of group choreography. Inspired by Christopher Bruce’s powerful dance work ‘Swansong’, based on the interrogation of a prisoner by two guards, Year 8 create a narrative piece of choreography, playing with action, dynamic movement, space and relationships.

Pupils opting to do dance in Year 9 enjoy selecting their own unique starting point, theme and accompaniment to explore spatial design, climax and highlights and inspiring action content.

Dance GCSE is an exciting and creative course that encourages pupils’ enjoyment and appreciation of Dance through performance, choreography, experience of live dance and dance appreciation. Dancers will engage in a practical session every week that develops their technical and expressive skills, both as a solo performer and as a member of a group. They also work as a choreographer and engage in a series of practical workshops that develop their understanding of choreographic devices and principles, before eventually applying these to their own original solo or group piece, based on a set stimulus. They also study a range of professional dance works and engage in a range of analysis and appreciation tasks.

Beyond the classroom, the highlight of the Dance year is the hugely popular annual Dance Show, a thrilling evening that celebrates the pupils’ varied achievements and features over 130 performers. From classical to contemporary styles, soloists and groups perform self-choreographed and directed works to an eager audience. Such is the popularity of this event that tickets usually sell-out within two hours!

"Dancing is silent poetry."

- Simonides, ancient Greek poet

Alleyn's girls and boys performing 'Ease on Down' routine at the annual Dance Show

A girl holds a dance position on a chair, behind a boy holding a mirroring position on the floor in front.