Design & Technology

Our world is relentlessly reshaped by our relationship with technology and its design interface. As we try to keep pace with this most technological of ages, it is recognised by the Design Technology Department here at Alleyn’s that we must be uncompromisingly inclusive, humane and sustainable in our work, as well as – very importantly - having fun with design and technology. We express these aims in a safe and friendly, yet challenging environment.

With the technological landscape changing on a daily basis, the desire for our young people to be technology smart and as future-ready as possible increasingly becomes a necessity. Our pupils are invited to view the subject as a problem-solving creative pursuit, acquiring a depth of knowledge and understanding of how things work and the possibilities of how we could make things work better, which enables them to make rational, justifiable and innovative decisions. Our pupils develop into empathetic, curious and outward facing designers, capable of looking forward with creative vision and carrying enough robust experience to be courageous and skilled in practical application.

Exploration reveals possibilities. From the first project in Year 7 to the last page of coursework in Year 13 our pupils are encouraged to step into the unknown, take risks, challenge themselves to see things differently and embrace the lessons learnt through failed attempts. We actively encourage the mastering of practical skills through application and practice, the developing of a deeper knowledge through independent study and taking advantage of technologies to design and realise ever more elegant solutions to ever more complex real-world problems. This is the journey we take our budding design technologists on.

Beyond the classroom, pupils and students of all ages enjoy creative clubs and the joy of exploring areas of personal interest. The real design and manufacturing world is where this subject comes to life, so our external links are used to visit world leading exponents such as Bentley Motors, SeymourPowell and Triumph Motorcycles, while our location allows us to enjoy visits to venues such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Design Museum.  Our young designers are recognised on the wider stage, enjoying an unbroken run of prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Award and winning national competitions such as the Lord Mayor’s Design Challenge.

Alleyn's pupil works on a circuit in one of the DT workshops

“I am keenly aware that I benefit from a wonderful tradition in the UK of designing and making” 

Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer, Apple

Alleyn's boys and girls working on projects in one of the DT workshops

“There’s no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times”

Jonathan Ive