Maths is all around us. Everything we see and do can be described mathematically. It underpins science and technology, making it a hugely relevant and exciting subject. At Alleyn’s we believe a strong grounding in maths is fundamental to a rich understanding of the world around us. Through fast-paced lessons delivered by passionate, well-qualified teachers, our pupils develop problem-solving skills that will last a lifetime.

Everyone at Alleyn’s studies Maths up to GCSE level and a large proportion of the Upper School study for A level.

Along the way, pupils may also have the chance to:

  • represent the school in the national Team Maths Challenge or the Hans Woyda Competition
  • compete for their Form or House in internal competitions
  • deliver a talk to their peers at Maths and Physics Society
  • attend student-led problem solving and cipher clubs during their lunch break
  • win the Pi memory challenge on March 14th (3.14)

At its heart, Maths is about solving problems. We teach our pupils fluency with key techniques, but we also share our passion for puzzles and investigations. Here are some questions that get our pupils thinking. The first might be tackled by a Year 7 student, the last by a Year 13.

  • What fraction is half way between 1/3 and 1/5?
  • How many numbers less than 100 have an odd number of factors?
  • What is the area of the largest triangle you can fit inside a circle with radius 1?
  • What is the largest five-digit palindromic number that is divisible by 45?
  • If four friends put their names in a hat and each drew one name out at random, what is the probability that only one person drew their own name?
  • If I throw a ball at 100mph vertically upwards, how long will it be in the air before I catch it?
  • Can you prove that the sum of consecutive integers will never be a power of 2?

We work to ensure pupils are able to work confidently and with sufficient challenge. Our Maths and Physics Society is an active and popular club run by Sixth Form students.

Female pupil taking part in a Maths lesson at Alleyn's

Students taking part in a Maths lesson at Alleyn's