PE & Games

Working closely in line with the School’s vision, the PE and Games department sets out to enable in pupils positive  values and attitudes that will enable them success in every aspect of their lives. 

Building on this with technical skill and tactical understanding we aim to produce purposeful, respectful independent performers who value determined effort, through the demonstrable application of these traits, Alleyn’s pupils go on to achieve quite remarkable things on the sports pitch. 

Alongside their Games afternoons, Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils receive a dedicated PE lesson. Delivered co-educationally, children work on a rotation of activities experiencing a variety of individual and team sports, pitched appropriately for their level of experience. This allows all pupils to progress their own pace and for even the most able to feel stretched and challenged. 

PE is often a pupils' first experience of sports such as basketball, fives and water-polo, and staff create a supportive and safe environment to give all pupils the opportunity to develop positive relationships with physical activity and their peers as well as the chance to build technical proficiency and tactical understanding. With an emphasis on transferable skills, the curriculum lessons are inextricably linked with the co-curricular

Every aspect of an Alleyn’s pupil’s physical education plays its part in providing a cutting edge approach that encourages them to demonstrate commitment, independence and determination in choosing for themselves to extend their learning through the co-curricular offer. 

Pupils in the Upper School receive a Games afternoon where they choose from an ever greater range of activities, providing further opportunities for new experiences. With instruction offered in activities as diverse as yoga, climbing, track cycling and shooting, there is something to engage all our students. Whilst pupils are encouraged to seek out new challenges and experiences, for those who have found their passion and may be pursuing an elite performance pathway, there is opportunity for specialisation as they progress through the school. For these pupils and others who are committed to co-curricular teams, the games afternoon provides an additional opportunity for fixtures and targeted training in the pursuit of improved performance and excellence. 

A level Physical Education is offered to students in the Upper School and is well-suited to those who wish to pursue the academic as well as the practical aspects of PE. The course allows pupils to explore their own performances in greater depth through video analysis and challenges them to apply psychological and physiological performance theory to optimise their performance in their chosen field.  

Regardless of their starting point, we hope that every girl and boy leaves Alleyn’s with the confidence and inclination to pursue a healthy relationship with physical activity. We hope they recognise all of the mental and physical health benefits this brings and are engaged and confident enough to continue their sporting journey and seek out further challenges beyond their time at school. 

Alleyn's students in action during a water polo game

Alleyn's girls in action at hockey

"There are so many opportunities at Alleyn’s.  I’ve been encouraged to try a bit of everything this year and find out what activities suit me. I’ve been doing Water Polo since Year 7 and this year our team won the girls’ U13 National Finals AND the mixed team National Finals. I’m really proud of us, particularly as we were sometimes the only mixed team competing against all boys.  It just shows what you can do if you practice hard and have a good team spirit.  I also play girls’ cricket and girls’ football which I like because you get the opportunity to mix with players from other years.  There are lots of opportunities to play competitively against other schools, but also we do a lot of sport for fun, such as inter-form softball or rounders.  This year I’ve been doing discus in athletics, which is something I’ve never tried before. I’ve discovered I’m quite good at it – which has been a nice surprise!"

-Year 8 pupil