Dance is thriving at Alleyn’s with so many pupils wanting to get involved both inside and outside the curriculum.

There are numerous ways for dancers to get involved in co-curricular Dance at Alleyn’s and we offer a range of clubs and companies, designed to allow every pupil, regardless of their ability or starting point, an opportunity to get involved and to stretch themselves.

Over the past year we have seen an even bigger take-up for the co-curricular Dance companies. The Lower School Dance Company has proven to be extremely popular; in fact, with over 55 dancers wishing to take part, we decided to create two separate groups; one for Year 7 pupils and one for Year 8. The Middle School Dance Company is bursting at the seams with 35 Year 9 and Year 10 dancers attending each week. Stretch Dance Company, for Years 11, 12 and 13, continues to thrive and to attract ever more dancers with experience; and we also enjoy the Boys' Dance Company, which offers Lower School boys a chance to dance.

Our co-curricular Dance clubs explore a variety of genres including lyrical dance, contemporary dance, musical theatre, jazz and street dance.

Performance Opportunities

The School presents a huge Dance show every year in April. The 2018 show, 'To Touch, To Move, To Inspire', involved over 130 dancers and brought genres such as ballet, bhangra and tap to the stage.

Pupils also have regular opportunities to participate in musical performances at Alleyn's, in which the drama, dance and music department collaborate on exhilarating shows such as Cabaret (Upper School) and Disco Inferno (Middle School)

Dancers also perform further afield; for example in December 2017, four companies performed at The Indigo at the 02 Arena as part of the West End Dreams event. Such opportunities provide our dances with first-hand insight into the professional world of dance and theatre. 

Above all, Dance at Alleyn's aims to create a fun, challenging and collaborative environment in the dance studio. Whether a pupil dances in just one co-curricular club or indeed makes a career out of dance, we hope that every performer will take away something quite special that the discipline offers; creativity, physical artistry, teamwork, confidence and passion, to name but a few.

Stretch Dance Company

Male student performs in the annual Dance Show

Middle School Dance Company

"We are so privileged to value Dance as one of the integral arts. Our annual Dance show is testimony to what creative thinking can lead to, and the standard of choreography from our young dancers is incredibly high."

- Natalie Demain, Director of Dance

Boys and girls in action during Alleyn's Wizard of Oz dance performance