Alleyn’s prides itself on the many and varied opportunities it provides for boys and girls of all ages and levels of ability through sport.

Inclusion; Progression; Excellence

Clubs and practices are open to all pupils, with exceptional facilities, experienced teaching staff and a well-qualified support team to assist with cutting edge pre-habilitative work, recovery, strength and conditioning and psychology. All children are given every chance to better their performances in their chosen arenas.

Sport at Alleyn’s is delivered co-educationally with a deliberate focus on the building of positive attitudes and mental attributes that will set our pupils in good stead for every aspect of school life and beyond. With these characteristics as our foundation, technical proficiency, tactical awareness and understanding are developed through a well-executed late specialisation model; guarding against the risk of burn-out, while allowing for breadth of experience and the growth of transferable skills at the start of a child’s time with us.

For all our pupils, particularly elite performers, the opportunity to focus their efforts and specialise comes further up the School, although for some of our most able pupils, the opportunity to perform at the highest level across a wide range of sports is a challenge to be embraced and something we encourage and do our very best to support.

The happy coincidence of this holistic, nurturing and child-centred approach is that we are able to produce exceptional performers across a wide a variety of activities, contend with the best schools in the country on the competitive stage and provide opportunities for regional, national and international representative honours.

Competition plays an important part in the advancement of Alleyn’s pupils and we work hard to provide the right competitive experience for everyone. A developed intra-mural programme that runs across all sports provides fantastic opportunities for developing important relationships with peers and strengthening the bond that pupils feel with their forms in the Lower School and their all-important Houses from Year 9 onwards.

Competitive fixtures against other schools run from D and E level all the way through to 1st team, where we compete on the most challenging of circuits with boys and girls representing the School in great numbers both midweek and on Saturdays across a variety of sports.

We encourage our pupils to bring the independence, creativity and bravery learned through sport to bear on their studies and other aspects of school life. Sport at Alleyn’s is not a barrier to academic achievement or to engagement with other interests. On the contrary, our pupils' sporting experience underpins their academic achievement and provides a platform from which they can explore new horizons with confidence.

"There are so many opportunities at Alleyn’s.  I’ve been encouraged to try a bit of everything this year and find out what activities suit me. I’ve been doing Water Polo since Year 7 and this year our team won the girls’ U13 National Finals AND the mixed team National Finals. I’m really proud of us, particularly as we were sometimes the only mixed team competing against all boys.  It just shows what you can do if you practice hard and have a good team spirit.  I also play girls’ cricket and girls’ football which I like because you get the opportunity to mix with players from other years.  There are lots of opportunities to play competitively against other schools, but also we do a lot of sport for fun, such as inter-form softball or rounders.  This year I’ve been doing discus in athletics, which is something I’ve never tried before. I’ve discovered I’m quite good at it – which has been a nice surprise!" 

- Year 8 pupil