Alleyn's is a Church of England Foundation and warmly welcomes boys and girls from all backgrounds, whatever their faith position. 

Many of the values and expressions of faith of the School are implicit, but there are opportunities to take part in more explicit activities if people wish. Please contact the Chaplain, or Assistant Chaplain, for information about Prayer Groups, the Christian Union, Houseparties, Services and Confirmation.

Assemblies for Lower School, Middle School and Upper School are organised by the Chaplain with the assistance of other members of staff and pupils; they cover a broad range of religious, social and moral issues. In addition, Holy Communion is celebrated regularly and pupils of all denominations are welcome. St. Barnabas Church and the historic Foundation Chapel in Dulwich Village are the venues for various special occasions, including the main termly chapel service. All pupils attend these, unless parents of a non- Christian religion specifically request otherwise at interview.


The Chaplain is available during and outside school hours and term-time and is there for the whole school community: parents, staff, pupils and alumni. Our Chaplain is the Rev'd Liz Lander. She can be contacted on 020 8557 1521 or 07591387201, or Mrs Gilly Bailey-Smith is our Assistant Chaplain. She is available during term-time each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and can be contacted on 020 8557 1589 or

Founder's Prayer

The Founder's Prayer is read at services in the chapel and can be found in the front of our school hymn books. It is a prayer of gratitude and purpose, mindful of the past, present and future, and seeing all three in the context of faith, humility and dedication.

We give thee humble and hearty thanks,
O most merciful Father,
For the memory in this place of Edward Alleyn,
Our founder and benefactor,
By whose benefit this college of God's gift
Is brought up to godliness and good learning;
And we beseech thee to give us grace to use these thy blessings
To the glory of thy holy name,
That we may here fulfil the good intent of our founder,
And become faithful servants to thee, to our country and to our world,
And at last be made partakers
In thy heavenly promise of the life everlasting;
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



... is an expression of the School's belief that spiritual questions are important and that people should have the opportunity to explore them as fully as they wish...

... is a reminder of the faith of our founder, Edward Alleyn...

...provides a listening ear to everyone in the school community, of all faiths and none...

...provides Chaplains' rooms, opposite the Dining Hall, which can be used by anyone who enjoys space for peace and quiet...

...takes as its reference point the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, characterised by themes of grace and integrity, love and accountability. The Christian faith speaks of a welcome to all, regardless of background; it affirms that each person has an inestimable value, being made in the image of God.