Senior School 11+

Online Registration for potential admission at 11+ in September 2020 is now closed.

The choice of the right secondary school for your child and the subsequent application procedure can seem, at first, challenging for both child and parent.  At Alleyn’s we aim to make the whole process as friendly, smooth and clear as possible. Our Admissions team is on hand to guide parents through the various steps from initial interest, to visiting the School, to registration, to assessment and to confirmation of the outcome.

During the assessment phase we gain an understanding of the whole child, so whilst there is a strong focus on academic ability and potential, we also want to understand what each individual will be able to take from the co-curricular life of the School. We offer around 150 places, with two-thirds of these new children joining from a wide spread of state and independent schools, and the remaining children joining from Alleyn's Junior School.

In Year 7 we offer a number of academic, art, music and sport scholarships to pupils of exceptional merit. We also offer means-tested financial assistance to those families who could not otherwise afford an Alleyn’s education. The level of assistance varies in value up to 100% of annual fees, and is dependent on the financial circumstances of the parents.

Key Dates for September 2020 Entry

11+ is our main point of entry into the Senior School.  Key dates for September 2020 entry:

Registration period opens Sunday 1 September 2019
Open Event Wednesday 11 September at 2pm
Experience Alleyn's Taster Afternoon for Year 6 boys and girls Friday 27 September (Spaces are full but we are operating a wait list. Please follow this link to reserve a space).
Open Event Saturday 28 September, 9.30am - 12 noon
Music Department Open Day for potential 11+ Music Scholars Wednesday 16 October (Reservations are necessary for this event. Please follow this link to reserve a space).
Open Event Wednesday 6 November at 2pm
Girls' Sports Scholarship Assessment Day Tuesday 3 December 2019
Boys' Sports Scholarship Assessment Day Wednesday 4 December 2019
Art Scholarship: submission of portfolio of artwork Tuesday 7 January 2020
Entrance Examination Tuesday 7 January 2020
Music Scholarship Auditions

Wednesday 8 January 2020

Thursday 9 January 2020

Friday 10 January 2020

Interview and small group activity for selected candidates Saturday 25 January 2020
Interviews for selected Academic Scholarship candidates Tuesday 28 January 2020
Art Scholarship: observational drawing session for selected candidates Wednesday 29 January 2020
Interviews for selected Academic Scholarship candidates Thursday 30 January 2020

11+ Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

All 11+ candidates are automatically considered for an Academic Scholarship and everyone sits the same entrance examination papers. The strongest candidates are then invited to attend academic scholarship interviews. All academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of a candidate’s achievement in the 11+ entrance examinations and the academic scholarship interviews. Each academic scholarship is worth up to £5,000 per year.

Saddlers’ Scholarships are a special category of academic scholarship, normally awarded to the six highest-achieving Year 7 pupils on entry. They are partly funded by the Worshipful Company of Saddlers who, in addition to funding bursary places, wish to support academically able candidates who will contribute markedly to the academic life of the School. 

Art Scholarships 

Art Scholarships are worth up to £2,000 per year. All candidates submit a folder of work and a small group is then invited to attend a drawing session in the Art Department, following which Art Scholars are selected. 

Music Scholarships 

Music Scholarships are awarded to musicians of exceptional ability and are worth up to £5,000 per year, plus free tuition on the scholar’s principal instrument. Selected candidates attend a 30-minute audition to play two instruments (or voice and one instrument), usually to at least Grade V standard on their principal instrument. 

Music Exhibitions are awarded to those who have outstanding musical ability but do not qualify for a Music Scholarship. A Music Exhibition funds tuition in one instrument throughout a pupil’s time at the School.

In addition, the WJ Smith Trust offers financial assistance up to 100% of the school fees to young musicians who demonstrate exceptional musical promise at the music scholarship auditions. The WJ Smith award is means-tested and assists families who could not afford the school fees. 

Sports Scholarships 

Sports Scholarships are worth up to £5,000 per year. They are awarded to candidates with considerable potential and in recognition of a very high sporting standard. Candidates are assessed through a range of group activities involving a variety of sporting skills. 

Sports Exhibitions are worth £250 per year, and may be made to those demonstrating significant ability as a contribution towards the cost of participation in, and equipment for, sports activities.

Overseas Applications

All candidates, including those based overseas, are required to complete the 11+ entrance assessments at Alleyn’s in London. All candidates sit the formal written assessments and then, usually on the following morning, complete small group activities and have a one-to-one interview.

Sample Papers

Sample examination papers

11+ Mathematics (Paper 1)      

11+ Mathematics (Paper 2)

11+ English (Paper 1)

11+ English (Paper 2)

We do not publish sample Reasoning papers but you will find an introductory guide to the type of questions asked here.

Download the 11+ examination syllabus here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit Alleyn’s?

Our open events are held during the Advent (autumn) term. There are two Wednesday open afternoons and one Saturday open morning. Reservations are not necessary for these events and everyone is welcome. 

Children in Year 6 might also wish to attend the Experience Alleyn’s taster afternoon, or the special Music Department open day for potential scholars. Places are limited for these two special events and reservations are necessary. To reserve a place please visit the School website from 1 July.

When can I register my child for 11+ entry to Year 7?

You can register your child for 11+ entry when he or she commences Year 6. The registration period always opens on 1 September and for 2020 entry will close at midday on Friday 8 November. We do not accept early applications or undertake any pre-testing: everyone who is registered is invited to sit the entrance examinations.

Complete registration forms and registration fees must be submitted to the Registrar before the registration deadline. Registration forms submitted after the registration deadline, for whatever reason, will be returned.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is £150 for all candidates. You must pay the registration fee when you submit your registration form.

I cannot afford the registration fee. Can I still register my child?

The registration fee is not payable if your child qualifies for the Pupil Premium. You must provide written evidence of the Pupil Premium when you submit your child’s registration form. Please contact your child's current school to check whether or not your child qualifies for the Pupil Premium and to request confirmation of this.

I cannot afford Alleyn’s school fees. Can my child still be considered for a place?

Yes. You can apply for financial assistance to help cover the cost of your child’s school fees. This financial assistance is means-tested. Once you have submitted your child’s registration form we will send you a special Bursary Application Form for you to complete and return. This will provide us with important information about your family’s financial situation, which will be assessed by the School Bursar. 

The Alleyn’s entrance examination clashes with another entrance examination, or is inconvenient. Can my child sit the entrance examination on another day?

All candidates are expected to sit the entrance examinations on the published date and it is not possible to offer alternative arrangements. Please inform the Registrar of any examination clashes.

Uniform List

View the 2018/19 Uniform List. 

Supplier Contact Details, have an online ordering service.  If you prefer to shop in person, you can visit the Schoolwear department at Peter Jones, Sloane Square, London SW1W 8EL, telephone 020 7881 6338.  Opening hours are Monday – Saturday 9.30 am – 7.00 pm (Wednesday till 8.00 pm), Sunday 11.00 am – 5.00 pm., have an online ordering service for sports kit.  To place an order, log on to their website. Telephone contact hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 8.00 pm, Saturday 10.00 am – 4.00 pm.). Email enquiries can be addressed to

We look for boys and girls, from all backgrounds, who will respond to the School's opportunities and values, and contribute with their talents and enthusiasm.