In Memoriam

It is with the deepest regret we announce the deaths of the following alumni and former staff.

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David Ellenden (Brading's 1950-58)
Vernon Law (Brown's 1950-56)
Steven Hunt (Class of 1957)
Dr Hilary Clarke, Physics Teacher (1984-2003)
John Hawkins (Brown’s 1950-56)
Geoffrey John Pask (Tulley’s 1939-48)
Colin Gosling (Brown’s 1954-61)
Reginald Surman-Wells (Brown’s 1942-49)
Professor Clive Emsley (Tulley’s 1955-63)
David Sanderson (Cribb’s 1947-51)
Peter Kingdon (Cribb’s 1953-60)
Keith Miller (Dutton’s 1935-42)
Owen Langford (Dutton’s 1989-91)
Geoff Andrews (Tulley’s 1944-50)
Les Alden (Tulley’s 1954-62)
Barrie Foden (Cribb’s 1956-62)
John Edney (Tulley’s 1946-52)
Henry Tilley (Roper's 1935-61)