In Memoriam

It is with the deepest regret we announce the deaths of the following alumni and former staff.

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Antony 'Ant' Konig (Brown’s 1976)
Roy Croft (Roper’s 1951)
Alexander (Sandy) Hugh Alexander (Brading's 1947)
Garth O'Conor (Spurgeon's 1957)
Anthony Recaldin (Spurgeon's 1946)
Geoff Tonkin (Former Head of Drama and Theatre Studies 1988-2010)
Roger Legg (Spurgeon's 1951)
Daniel Roberts (Dutton's 1962)
Derek Mathews (Tulley's 1951)
John Neeld (Spurgeon's 1947)
Martin Andrew (Brading's 1973)
Eric Hirst (Cribb's 1950)
Peter David Humber (Tulley’s 1952)
Professor James Albert Algie (Cribb's 1957)
Raymond Jewkes (Brown's 1953)
David Ellenden (Brading's 1950-58)