Alleyn’s School is a 4-18 co-educational, independent day school in Dulwich, London, England.
Ted Ayling (Brown's 1965)
Tony Acres (Roper's 1951)
John Banfield (Brown's 1957)
Ian Carne-Ross (Roper's 1966)
Dr Frank Chow (former staff 1973-2001, Head of Biology)
Christopher Curtis (former staff 1959-1964, Classics)
Roy Deverell (Spurgeon's 1960)
Claire Franklin (née Beaumont)
Roger Forster (Brading's 1951)
David Green (Dutton's 1948)
Brian Harding (Brading's 1958)
Gilbert McMillan (former staff 1963-1985 and Dutton's Housemaster 1968-1983)
Keith Meyer (Brown's 1960)
Richard Nye (Brown's 1969)
John Pilbeam (Roper's 1949)
Mark Schofield (Dutton's 1975)
David Snasdell (Cribb's 1966)
Ron Stevens (former staff 2001-2009, Business Studies)
Peter Stokely (Dutton's 1954)
Michael Watts (Roper's 1966)
Jeremy White (Tulley's 1965)
John Willson (Tulley's 1956)

Where provided, obituaries will be published in the next issue of the Edward Alleyn Club Magazine.

If you wish to let us know about the death of an alumni or a former staff member, or for guidelines about providing an obituary for publication, please email us at [email protected].