Alleyn’s is deeply committed to providing public benefit. The School offers means-tested bursaries to academically gifted candidates whose family financial circumstances would not allow the parents to meet the full school fees.

During 2016-17, the School awarded 84 means tested bursaries to pupils; 59 of these bursaries were fully funded which means the parents do not pay anything towards the fees. The number of these means-tested bursaries at Alleyn’s has more than doubled over the past fifteen years.

Alleyn’s offers bursaries during its admissions process each year. These bursaries are offered to pupils joining in Years 7, 9 and 12. The financial means assessment is rigorous, and families are asked to provide detailed financial information which is reviewed during the admissions process. An important element of the process includes the Bursar and his team meeting bursary applicants at their homes; this ensures families can find out more about the School and how we help and support bursary pupils in their move to secondary school, just like all the other boys and girls who join Alleyn’s each year.

In contrast to many other similar independent schools, a very high proportion (over 70%) of the bursaries awarded by Alleyn’s are fully funded; this will either be a full bursary or a combination of a bursary and a scholarship to a total of 100% of the fees. The School also provides financial assistance for uniform, travel, school meals and other incidental expenses to support the education of these pupils.

Profile of Alleyn's bursary funding

Alleyn’s is grateful to The Dulwich Estate for its annual income distribution which assists the funding of the School’s commitment to means-tested bursaries and public benefit: during 2016-17 it enabled the School to fund 76 bursaries to local children.

Number of bursary pupils funded by The Dulwich Estate each year

Alleyn’s is also grateful to The Worshipful Company of Saddlers, which helps to fund a number of scholarships and bursaries each year. Additionally, the School is indebted to other benefactors who have contributed funds invested for bursaries. These bursary funds include the WJ Smith Trust and donations from former pupils and parents to enhance bursary provision at the School. These donations have been separately invested to generate income providing bursaries for the long term. The WJ Smith Trust was established by ballet composer John ‘Jack’ Lanchbery, an alumnus of the School, in memory of his music teacher; it provides bursaries and exhibitions which enable pupils to pursue a course of musical study.

Alleyn’s is committed to growing the number of means-tested bursaries available for local children. A major fundraising campaign for bursaries is planned in 2019 to coincide with the School’s celebration of the 400th anniversary of Edward Alleyn’s College of God’s Gift.

Visit the Advancing Alleyn's pages of our Alumni & Development section to learn more about supporting our fundraising for bursaries and to read individual stories.

My family could in no way have afforded the fees for my education at Alleyn’s. By winning a scholarship my life was completely changed and my future wouldn’t have been assured or as interesting had I not been given that extra chance.Alan, donor and alumnus (Tyson's) 

My Gift to Alleyn's: 
I decided to give from a place of pure gratitude for all the musical support and lessons that I had received...and wanting to make that a possibility for future children at the School.
Jessica, donor and alumna (Cribb's)
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