As a school we are committed to encouraging our students to be outward looking, and we believe in supporting charities in order to make a positive difference in the world.

We have a wonderful Charity Committee made up of students from all year groups and led by a member of staff. The committee meet once a week and are responsible for organising and delivering hugely popular school events, like the Dance-Off and Lip Sync Competitions. We have a “Charity Barometer" so the school community know how much we have raised.

At any one time, Alleyn’s Senior School supports two major charities, one local and one international.

The local charity for 2018-2020 is Reach Out, a mentoring charity working with young people in disadvantaged communities to raise aspirations and help them grow in character and attainment.

We have a long-term international link with Sparrow Schools in Johannesburg, South Africa. At Sparrow they teach over 700 children and young adults who are unable to cope in mainstream education, but at the school they are given a chance to become contributing members of society. These are children who have faced abuse, deprivation and homelessness; many live in the townships and will have had to fend for themselves from a very young age. There are children with serious learning difficulties and there are children who have the kinds of problems that result from years of neglect. All of them are in desperate need of the help that Sparrow can offer, if they are to break out of the cycle of poverty.

In 2016 a group of Alleyn’s teachers and students visited Sparrow during a sports trip to South Africa, which was a fantastic and truly inspirational experience. At Alleyn’s we have also welcomed visitors from Sparrow over the past 3 years, including the brilliant founder of Sparrow Schools, Jackie Gallagher. We receive regular updates on how the money we have raised is used and it is wonderful to see that it is making a real difference.

Alleyn's charity committee fundraising barometer

A message from Sparrow Schools to Alleyn's charity committee