2016/17 marked the first year of our Primary Outreach Programme where our Year 12 students learn how to teach and deliver a specialist project in a local state primary school. 

Having received very positive feedback from our partner primary schools, we have now expanded our programme to work with eight different schools in the local area, including: Heber, Goodrich, The Belham, Crawford, St. Anthony's, Elmwood, Harris Academy and Rosendale.

To maximise impact in each primary school, we have created bespoke programmes that are designed to respond to specific needs, including requests for dance and drama input,  music provision, and sport or science enrichment. 

Alleyn’s Alzheimer’s Engagement Programme, in partnership with Castlebar Care Home, is a heart-warming and innovative project where Year 8 pupils work 2-1 with an elderly partner every Monday afternoon on a range of art and crafts projects. Our pupils gain a tremendous amount from the project and the feedback has been consistently positive. This programme makes a tremendous impact on the residents with Alzheimer’s who enjoy talking and working with our younger pupils so much. Before each project, our Year 8 volunteers receive training about the science behind Alzheimer's Disease and engage in role-plays, designed to fully prepare them for their outreach experience.

More than 70 Year 12 students participated in our various outreach projects this year, and we anticipate that at least 80 will take part next year; planning and delivering a sequence of five sessions, supervised by a specialist subject mentor. Students value their experience of the programme as it helps them think and learn in a different way.

"Participating in the outreach programme requires more work and preparation than other options. But the impact and reward is so great that it really is worth it."

- Year 12 student

Outreach activities at a partner school