Being part of a through school, the vast majority of our leaving Year 6 children will transfer to Alleyn's Senior School after leaving the Junior School.

Regular internal assessments enable tracking of individual pupil progress and achievement and such assessments will support the transition process to senior school.

Ahead of that transfer children will sit the Alleyn’s 11+ academic assessments and many will also try for a scholarship in sport, music or art. Each year a good number of awards are gained as a result of this process. Information on the scholarships available can be found within the Senior School Admissions Information Supplement.

Progression to what is is known as the Lower School section of the Senior School is supported through a range of transition events to prepare the children for the greater independence and responsibility that naturally come with this move. The Lower School section incorporates Year 7 and Year 8 pupils in a bright and spacious building with a dedicated playground.

A very small number of leavers may also enter other local independent or state schools.