Gifted and Talented

Alleyn’s Junior School is committed to providing challenging and enjoyable learning opportunities for all our pupils. We define a gifted child as one who, because of their exceptional ability, stands out above the majority of their peers. We apply the term talented to children who show exceptional potential in their skills and ability in music, art, drama or sport.

What we offer our most able pupils

We believe that our pupils will thrive best in a learning environment that provides challenge while allowing our children to enjoy learning alongside their peers.  Classroom differentiation is an important factor in ensuring the progress of our gifted and talented pupils. Our most able pupils will often have their work differentiated by task and will be encouraged to move on to more challenging activities. Learning activities planned for gifted and talented learners combine acceleration, enrichment and extension and they will be involved in a variety of open-ended and investigative tasks.

Through our everyday practice we seek to give our gifted and talented pupils access to experiences at the higher cognitive levels in order to develop their advanced thinking skills. They are also given opportunities in all areas of our rich curriculum to develop specific skills, talents, creativity and reasoning. In addition they are given opportunities to understand and make links between curriculum areas and to apply their knowledge to wider community or world contexts. Our most able children are encouraged to develop a reflective outlook and the confidence and skills to take a degree of ownership over their learning.

Provision for all

The experiences of all our pupils, including our most able, are enhanced and deepened in many different ways. Our specialist members of staff enrich the teaching and learning in their fields. Our pupils are provided with a wealth of opportunity to participate in co-curricular clubs and activities which allow them to further explore their interests. A variety of outside speakers are invited to come into school and talk to the children about their specialist subject or interest. In addition, children have numerous musical and drama performance opportunities and there is a very full list of competitive fixtures across a range of sports. Additional learning opportunities are also regularly promoted through special events and competitions in a variety of curriculum areas.

At AJS we are committed to providing challenging and enjoyable learning opportunities for all our pupils.