Homework encompasses a whole variety of activities which pupils are asked to do outside lesson time, either on their own or with their parents or carers. 

Alleyn's Junior School recognises and promotes the positive contribution that homework can make to a child's education. Homework makes the greatest contribution to learning when pupils, teachers and parents/carers share common goals and expectations are clear.

The purpose of homework

The purpose of homework is to support pupils in their aim to achieve the highest possible standards, by providing them with time to learn outside the normal school day. Homework should also prepare pupils for future learning and lessons by establishing healthy working habits and through the consolidation, reinforcement and application of skills. Through the setting of homework teachers are provided with the opportunity for further assessment. 

Homework content and time

Homework is set every night, but its expectations in terms of content and time develop through the school years. You can see a guide to what is expected each year by clicking on the relevant tab below.