Learning Support

Alleyn’s is committed to providing equal access for all its pupils to the broad and balanced curriculum which it offers and to which they are entitled.  Children with specific learning differences may at times require specialist support, either on a short-term or more permanent basis.

We endeavour to ensure that all children with specific learning differences are identified and supported in school, particularly where the difference is inhibiting a child’s efforts to achieve his or her potential.

Initially the Form Teacher will raise any concerns he or she may have about a particular child and the needs will be assessed by the Learning Support Co-ordinator. Parents will be informed of this course of action and on completion of the assessment will be invited in to discuss the findings and the next steps. It may be that some intervention is put in place in school or the child may be referred to an external agency for further assessment and recommendations.

We have an educational psychologist who works on a sessional basis in school and she can carry out full assessments when required.  We are fortunate to have the services of a speech and language therapist in school twice a week working with individual pupils or small groups as deemed appropriate.

Children with a specific learning difference may be allocated individual sessions with the learning support teacher or her assistant on a weekly basis or some ad hoc sessions may be offered.  The timetabling of these sessions is determined in consultation with Form Teachers. 

The school recognises that for some children a laptop may be the most appropriate method of presenting and organising their work.  Students are allowed to use a laptop where a need has been established and where appropriate training has been undertaken enabling the pupil to type at a reasonable speed.

The Learning Support Co-ordinator, Mrs Reed, is happy to discuss any concerns that parents may have about their child before or after school most days.  Please make an appointment either directly with Mrs Reed or through the school office.