The Junior School Library is a well used and valued resource in the school. 

Staffed by our school librarian it can be visited by children on a daily basis during set periods for reading and class research.

A welcoming place to read

During break and lunchtimes the library is a welcoming and comfortable place to read books or catch up on current affairs through the First News newspaper or The Week Junior magazine. A team of Year 6 pupil librarians help return, renew and re-shelve books, DVDs and CDs as well as offering reading suggestions to younger children. During our Book Week the pupil librarians oversee various activities and competitions taking place in the library.

Extensive selection of books

We have an excellent collection of books in both our fiction and non-fiction sections. Children are taught how to use the Dewey Decimal Classification system which helps consolidate their research skills. There are also two computers in the library for research as well.

Our library management system, can be accessed by families at home and allows children to check the library catalogue, write reviews and reserve books.

We have a team of pupil librarians who oversee activities and offer reading suggestions.

Library - table and chairs