Learning at Alleyn's is fun

It is our central purpose to prepare our pupils for entry to our Senior School and to equip them for life beyond. We believe in the concept of lifelong learning and give our children the experiences, skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for them to make informed choices about important things in their lives

We endeavour to provide a curriculum and learning experiences which encourage pupils to be independent, confident, flexible and able to co-operate with others. Our pupils express themselves imaginatively and creatively. They are conscious of our multi-cultural society and respectful of one another. We aim to nurture a desire to succeed and encourage pupils to take pride in their achievements. We hope that our pupils develop as courteous, balanced and well-rounded individuals.

Pupils spend approximately half of their curriculum time engaged in English, mathematical or scientific activities. The remainder of their timetable, dependant on their age, is made up of humanities (known as topic in Years 1 and 2), RE, art, DT, music, PE, computing, PSHE, and modern foreign languages.


Form teachers provide our pupils with the highest standards of pastoral care.

The youngest children are taught by their form teacher for all subjects, except where we use specialist staff to teach languages, music, computing and PE. Each Infant class benefits from a teaching assistant whose role is to assist with the pastoral welfare and academic progress of the pupils. This affords the form teacher the flexibility to plan for supported, differentiated work within the classroom as necessary.

Children in the Junior part of the school spend the majority of their curriculum time with their form teachers. In addition to specialist teaching in languages, music, computing and PE, specialist art teaching is available throughout the junior section of the school and some degree of subject specialism may be used in humanities and science. 

Half-class and small-group teaching takes place throughout the school. Two half-classes per week are timetabled from Year 2 upwards; these are used for English or mathematics and we stream in maths from Year 4, splitting two class groups into three smaller sets.


We believe that children learn best when they are happy, confident and motivated by challenge. We set clear boundaries and expectations. Our children are given tasks appropriate to their ability levels and they achieve success and gain approval.

Classrooms at Alleyn's Junior School are vibrant, inviting places and the learning environments are organised so that children have the opportunity to work in a variety of ways: collaborating in lively debate, working quietly with a partner or in a group, or working independently. Children in the Junior part of the school set targets for their own learning. They review their learning and reflect on the process of learning.


For the promotion of high self-esteem and its benefits to academic learning, social, physical, creative and academic achievements are celebrated in many ways; the school often celebrates learning as a community. We are liberal in giving verbal and written praise. We reward our children for all their positive endeavours be they related to academic achievement, progress or effort or acts of kindness or good citizenship. A whole range of awards and certificates for achievements gained in school and outside are presented during assemblies.

"Every day my teacher makes learning fun. She explains things really well."

- Year 5 pupil